Sealants are a great way to protect against tooth decay and cavities in your molars. These teeth are the most vulnerable to cavities and decay, because they are used in the chewing process and are also the most difficult to fully clean. Molars first come in at around five to seven years of age, with a second set coming in between the ages of 11 to 14. It is best to have a sealant placed when the molars first come in, to ensure they are protected from the outset.

To place a sealant, an adhesive is first applied to the teeth. The sealant is then placed over the adhesive as a liquid — almost like painting the tooth. The liquid then hardens and creates a barrier between your tooth and any plaque, food particles, or bacteria. Sealants last for about 10 years and can be reapplied as necessary.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are an essential piece of protective equipment in contact sports, and it is well worth it to get a custom mouth guard at a trusted dentist such as San Angel Dental. They should be worn by athletes of all ages who participate in any contact sports such as:


Wearing a mouth guard helps protect against structural damage to the teeth and jaw, and it also helps protect from injuries such as lacerations to the cheeks, tongue, or lips. Additionally, mouth guards have been shown to help decrease the risk of concussions.

While you can find mouth guards at most sporting goods stores, you should be careful to select one that is rated for the level of protection it offers. Other factors to consider are how well it will fit, and its comfort rating.

For the highest level of comfort and protection, you should visit your dentist for a custom mouth guard fitting. A custom mouth guard is created specifically for the optimal protection of your mouth. It is created with thin plastic that is hardened to protect your teeth. The thinness of the custom mouth guard allows for easy breathing and easy communication.

See your local family dentist today for a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth, and ensure that you are able to maintain the highest level of performance on the field, court, or rink.

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