Dr. Luis Moran

Dr. Luis Moran is originally from Guatemala where he obtained his dental degree from San Carlos University in 1991. In1998, he officially started practicing family dentistry in the U.S. His passion and charisma for treating children helped him pursue a mini-residency in pediatric dentistry at Gainesville University in Florida. Since then, he has been devoted to treating children and promoting oral health in the community. Due to his excellent dental skills, parents often asked when he would begin treating adults. After years of working only with children, he finally broadened his horizons in dentistry and began pursuing further dental training to treat adults. He completed implantology training at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and now offers dental implant services.

Dr. Moran enjoys educating both children and their parents about proper dental care to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. He wants to create positive experiences, which make children feel safe and comfortable when they visit the dentist.

Dr. Sonia Moran

Dr. Sonia Moran is Dr. Luis’s wife and she is also originally from Guatemala. She obtained her dental degree from San Carlos University, Guatemala in 1991. She also started practicing dental care in the U.S. in 1998. She continued her dental training and finished a mini-residency in orthodontics with the International Association of Orthodontics. Since then, she has continually pursued further dental classes in order to stay current with best dental practices. She is proud to offer her patients the best dental care possible. Dr. Moran is dedicated to providing gentle and effective dental care in both general dentistry and orthodontic appointments. Creating beautiful smiles is her top priority.

Drs. Luis and Sonia Moran are committed to continuing their education and remaining aware of all advancements in oral health and dentistry.