Stem cells have the ability to both create new stem cells as well as divide and create other specialized cells. This is known as regeneration and differentiation. This ability to differentiate into different types of cells is unique to stem cells. This means that they have specialized properties, such as disease study, drug testing and regenerative medicine. At San Angel Dental Group, Dr. Luis Moran has been certified in California to provide services in regenerative medicine to improve Dental treatment and other conditions related with the face that will also benefit the rest of the body.

Regenerative medicine repairs damaged or diseased tissue. With the help of specialists, stem cells can be guided into growing into specific types of cells. There are two types of stem cells found in cord blood (located in the placenta and umbilical cord); these are hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs). HSCs can create every blood cell type, while MSCs create bone, cartilage, fat, bone marrow and muscle tissue cells. During stem cell therapy, these cells can be used to prevent infection, prevent inflammation, encourage cell growth and help with wound recovery.