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Visiting the dentist for the first few times can be a lot to take in for a young child. At San Angel Dental in Buena Park, we have years of experience treating children and ensuring a positive experience, as well as providing great dental health services for the entire family. If your child is nervous about an upcoming appointment, you can ease their mind by explaining more about the following reasons for visiting the dentist.

What does a dentist do?

Explain to your child that a dentist is there to make sure they feel their very best and are as healthy as possible! A great dentist will make sure your child is comfortable, examine them for any dental health concerns, recommend treatments as necessary, and explain how to stay healthy in between dentist appointments.

Why is a trip to the dentist necessary?

In order to feel our best and have the brightest, healthiest smiles possible, it’s crucially important to schedule regular checkups to make sure everything is in order with your dental health. Explain that the dentist has tools to check for any dental problems, and that they can fix any problems that arise!

How can you maintain good dental habits between appointments?

Thinking about your dental health shouldn’t start and stop at the dentist’s office! It’s critical to practice good dental habits every day to maintain your dental hygiene. Be sure to instill the value of brushing your teeth properly each day and for at least two minutes every time!

You can also discuss the importance of making healthy eating choices, which can be crucial to your dental health. Everyone knows dentists will tell you not to eat too much sugar, and this is certainly for a good reason! Simply put, a diet with too much sugar triggers a series of events in your mouth. Bacteria in your mouth breaks down enamel and can eventually lead to forming a hole in your tooth — a cavity. To prevent this, you want to be sure to avoid a diet with too much sugary foods and drinks.

For even more information about instilling great dental hygiene habits in your children in a fun way, check out our blog all about teaching kids how to brush!

Additional Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Trip to the Dentist

Be Careful of Your Word Choice

If your child is especially young, make sure to stay away from using words that may cause unnecessary fear! Instead of using words such as “painful” or “shot.” Instead, focus on positivity and encouragement. Your pediatric dentist will also be practiced at using language that is non-threatening and reassuring.

Start Young!

The more we do something, the easier it becomes. This is why it’s a good idea to start taking your child to the dentist early in life so they overcome any potential fears. We recommend taking your child to their first dental appointment at around age one, and as with adults, we recommend scheduling return visits every six months.

Book an Appointment When Your Child is Rested

It’s key to educate your child on what the dentist does, and also to ensure they are feeling their best when they go to the appointment. We advise scheduling an appointment early in the day or whenever your child is at their most rested.

Experienced Pediatric Dentist in Buena Park

San Angel Dental in Buena Park is a trusted pediatric dentist location. We put the needs of you and your children first, and we provide knowledgeable and compassionate treatment for all your dental hygiene needs.

At San Angel Dental, we will work with you and your dental insurance to make sure everyone has access to dental treatment that works for them. We will submit all insurance forms for you, and we will work with you on a payment plan if necessary. Dental health is extremely important, and everyone deserves quality, affordable treatment. Call us today to see how we can help and schedule an appointment!